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Digital money wallets are programs that store your open and private keys and interface with different blockchains so clients can screen their parity, send cash and direct different tasks. Using digital wallet allow users to complete online purchases easily and quickly with near-field communications technology. Digital wallet also comprise of higher security protocols and stronger passwords.

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Wozurwallet: Crypto Exchange Wallet

An ideal spot to send, store and deal with your digital currency portfolio

  •   BTC, ETH and 100+ different cryptographic forms of money in one wallet accessible as an Android, iOS and web application. View all advantages
  •   Free exchanges between Wozurwallet clients.
  •   Scope of 4 Bitcoin exchange charges for quick or modest exchanges.
  •   Your whole wallet is constantly available by means of your own 12 to 24 words in length recuperation seed.
  •   The recuperation seed observes a standard made by us at SatoshiLabs, yet it is broadly utilized, perfect with numerous wallet applications.
  •   The word-driving blockchain innovation facilitator, gives protected, steady, dependable and worldwide one-stop administration.

High level of security

At Wozurwallet we apply premium safety efforts to protect your assets. Also, we are continually actualizing extra and improved security highlights to dispose of any unapproved and malicious access to your digital money wallet.

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Strong technical team

A talented group of individual ensures impeccable all round functioning.

24×7 Customer support

We give you 24×7 expert assistence for your every need.

Multi-stage liquidity

Imparting and exchanging profundity to trades.

Programmed token lists

Unreservedly picked token sets, secure and controllable.

Extraordinary administration

No need to despair over miscellaneous work. Wozur has you covered.

Our experts

Team Members

James Carter


Jenifar Lorany

Marketing Head

Michel Ramos

HR Head

Lorence Katie

Lead Designer

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Supported crypto currencies 100+ cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCH, ZCASH, DASH BTC, ETH + ERC-20 token support

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