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The most popular crypto-wallet brings you Bitcoin Cash Wallet. A easy-to-use cryptocurrency suitable for iOS, Android coupled with comprehensive interface that ensures easy navigations for pros and newbies alike.
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Hanna Hyale

5.26 BTC

USD 51,136,37

Feb 07, 2020

Pay Out -5.17

to 34 Jd....KemM Complete

Pay In + 104

from Anonymous sender Complete

Feb 06, 2020

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Install the Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Download the Bitcoin Cash Wallet for your Android or iOS device and experience the joys of online cryptocurrency transactions. The interface is easily understandable, thereby making it a viable option for newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency wallet users. Bitcoin Cash Wallet is synced and backed up with the latest technologies, so safety and accessibility are not an issue. Bitcoin Cash Wallet can be accessed through your desktop Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Linux systems. Login procedures are also equally simple. Enter your account using your email, Facebook account, Gmail or mobile number.

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Enjoy the uses of the Bitcoin Cash Wallet

  •   Bitcoin Cash Wallet is a free, ready-to-use wallet for you to store, buy and exchange.
  •   Exchange within Wozurwallet without any additional transfer fee.
  •   You can send BCH to any wallet though the automatic conversion feature within Wozurwallet.
  •   BCH wallet allows you to track the fiat currencies.
  •   Top up your BCH wallet using any other cryptocurrency.
  •   You can also follow the latest exchange rates with the Bitcoin Cash Wallet.
  •   BCH wallet is easily accessible through your desktop using Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, OSX and other operating systems.
About Wallet

About the Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Bitcoin Cash Wallet is branch of the original BTC wallet. The branching allowed BTC to increase the speed of its transaction capabilities and block size to 8MB. BCH is boasts of low transaction fees and reliable micro and macro transactions.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet is easily accesible for the Android and Ios devices as well as for desktops containg Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac systems.

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High security for your Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Wozurwallet implements the highest and most efficient level security procedures. Therefore, your BCH wallet’s assests and content are secure and safe from any malware. Even in the unfortunate event of loss of phone or loss of password, your details and assets remain uncompromised and are easily restored. You can access your wallet through numerous devices. At Wozurwallet, we are continually implementing new and improved security systems to ensure that you conduct your transactions without any worries.

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